The PK Family Story

PK Companies is made of three separate companies – PK Industrial, PK Safety and PK Technology. These three companies primarily serve the oil and gas markets (upstream, midstream and downstream) as well as the chemical industries.


PK Companies chief executive officer, Kevin Turpin, started this venture as a sophomore in high school. Later, working out of a small building, he sandblasted and painted items for people in the area while at the same time working on his business degree at Butler County Community College. Soon business picked up and opportunities became numerous, Kevin needed a team to help mold the small company into something bigger and more efficient.  There was no better choice than his two brothers.  In 2004, Brian and Kenny Turpin joined PK Companies as chief financial officer and chief operations officer, respectively.


PK Industrial was the first of the three companies..


PK Industrial provides specialty industrial coating services to the oil and gas and chemical industries. With locations in Houston, Texas and Augusta, Kansas, over 125,000 square feet is available for indoor blasting and coating.  PKI can accommodate any size project. PKI can also provide on-site application services throughout the country, our top notch quality assurance program ensures that the integrity, quality and safety is the same whether in the field or in our shop.


PKI has been on the cutting edge of the application of specialized passive fire protection.  Over the past few years, PKI has developed a specialty services revolving around intumescent fireproofing and has become one of the largest certified applicators of Chartek in the region.


While working in the oil and gas industry applying coatings, especially in a refinery setting, it was obvious that the industry was missing something – a unique safety services company - and PK Safety was born…


In 2010 PK Safety started offering safety services to the local refinery.  Over time this evolved into a full service safety organization.  In 2013 alone, PK Safety provided over 132,775 man hours in safety services, assisting several large scale oil and gas facilities with safe and efficiently run turnarounds.  With multiple mobile crews PK Safety can now provide you with a trained team of safety technicians anywhere in the US.  Each team member is certified to NFPA's rescue technician level in both confined space and rope rescue.

Keeping with a similar theme, and getting exposure to both on-shore and off-shore facilities, the need for a mobile asset management tool for inspectors became clear.  Thus, beginning in 2010, the foundation for the newest company – PK Technology- began…


Taking what Kevin already knew from the oil and gas industry, he envisioned a mobile inspection tool that could not only replace traditional paper inspections but also integrate the inspection tools used currently into one robust inspection system.  This mobile inspection technology is intelliSPEC™.  Using an iPad as the data capturing tool, intelliSPEC™ captures photos wirelessly, DFT reading wirelessly and then reports all of the collected inspection data through a web portal for the asset owner to determine the priority of repairs.